Mitre 10 Park

Hawke’s Bay

The perfect place for your next event

The Mitre 10 Park Hawke's Bay attracts around 320,000 users per annum. Attendances have doubled in the last five years which is a result of great facilities plus good management, especially by the sporting codes, schools and event organisers who use the park.

School Athletics Days

The William Nelson Athletics precinct is the best in New Zealand. That’s probably why over 50 schools use it each summer and why it rates a “9 out of 10” when we do surveys among users.

Sports Tournaments

The great thing about the Park is that you can do a whole range of sports in one location, and there are fantastic facilities – changing rooms, parking etc

Cultural Festivals

We have hosted festivals of 100 people and festivals of 15,000. The Sports Park always rates highly among event organisers and users.

HQ for sports organisations

The Park is the regional home of netball, athletics, rugby league and canoe polo. It’s a “sports village” that is expanding and we expect to host more regional sports organisations as developments continue.